Thanks for Helping !

Hi Guys, Our smart, always happy friend needs your support! Out of nothing, Naveen, who is young and in a good shape suddenly ended up in the emergency room at the AKH Vienna. He recently graduated as a master of Aerospace engineering and instead of reaching for the stars, he can hardly breathe. Thanks to destiny this happened in Vienna where good health care is available, and he is in good hands and being well taken care of. Due to bad luck, he isn’t insured…and he is not able to pay the bill for the hospital. It is hard to believe, but even though our friend is fighting for his life, we as his close friends have to worry about the financial situation, in the middle of one of the countries with the highest standards of living in the world.

Let’s get together at the end of the summer in order to help him. HAVE FUN FOR A GOOD CAUSE. There are no price tags for entrance fee, drinks and food but you are invited to contribute as much as you can and want. All gathered money will go directly to his support! Every single EURO will help.

Take all your friends and even MORE and let’s party for a cause!